Friday, September 25, 2009

This secret place.

Another Autumn.
Time is moving at warped speed.
Soon it will be Christmas again.
Then another birthday...
We have to slow this place down.
We have to slow this pace down.
Let's all concentrate really hard.
S L O W.... D O W N....

When I listen to music I lose track of this world
That is why things move so quickly.
Where have I been?
In dreams.


Wrenna said...

It's nice to see you in this part of the woods, Ms Ghost. You make blip look like so much fun I almost want to take a picture. I am exercising restraint. Rest assured I am laughing along, though, yes, this does make it look like I am crazy, I will keep it down.

My brain has a cramp.

Megan Chapman said...

Nice to see you here.
I do plan to come around these parts more often. This place is more like a fall and winter retreat.

Have to laugh to keep from crying and all that... ha ha ha..